Norman Schwarzkopf Elementary Schoool
Tampa, Florida 1993 SIZE: 87,900 sf

Cited by the State of Florida Department of Education for its efficient design and overall cost effectiveness, this school represents state of the art response to educational teaching philosophies of the Hillsborough County School District combined with innovative construction technology to provide an all brick school at a cost of only $52.48 per square foot. Low temperature air-conditioning combined with a central ice harvesting / ice storage system will likewise result in effective low energy operating cost.

The 15.3-acre site is reduced to 10.9 useable acres by the presence of two small lakes and an environmentally protected bay head. The linear, two-story design allows for maximum site utilization by effectively reducing the area required for the building footprint.


Firm of Record: D. E. Holmes, FAIA, Architect

Peter Hepner served as Project Manager which included responsibilities associated with the design, production and construction administration while employed by the above firm.